Aberfeldy Highland Single Malt Whisky 12 YO 70cl
This classic 12 Year Old Aberfeldy single malt Scotch whisky is fruity, clean and polishedwith a touch of honey and spice. Aberfeldy 12 Year Old is an excellent introduction to this Highland distillery. 70cl - Vol : 40 %
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Dewars True Scotch 12 YO Whisky 70cl
Dewar's 12 year old blend, is called 'Double Aged' due to the 6 months of marrying in oak casks that the whisky does after initial maturation and blending. The mix of citrus, dried fruit and vanilla gives to this whisky...
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Bushmills Black Whisky Limited Edition IBC 70cl
A rich, dark Irish blend, Black Bush contains a high proportion of triple-distilled single malt. After eight to ten years of aging in barrels, it is blended with grain to give it a toffee-like taste. It can be enjoyed neat,...
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Dewars Caribbean Smooth Blended Scotch Whisky 8 YO IBC
A Dewar's blend, combining a range of 40 grain and single malt whiskies, aged for a minimum of eight years and finished in Caribbean rum casks. Dewar's Caribbean Smooth blends a taste of coconut, sprinkled with chocolate, pineapple, caramel and...
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Bushmills Single Malt Whisky 10 YO 70cl
Thanks to its fruity taste, accompanied by a good dose of vanilla and warm oak spices, this malt whiskey won the award for best single malt Irish whiskey at the 2007 World Whiskies Awards. 70cl - Vol : 40 %
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Aberfeldy Highland Single Malt Whisky 16 YO 70cl
This 16 year old Aberfeldy single malt is rich in honey, with notes of citrus and spicy cloves. A dark chocolate flavor adds a finishing touch on the palate. 70cl - Vol : 40 %
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West Cork 12 Year Old Irish Single Malt (Rum Cask Finish) 70 Cl
This 12 year old Irish single malt is finished in rum casks. The palate is full of notes of vanilla and cinnamon that give it depth. 70cl - Vol : 43 %
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The Busker Triple Cask 70cl
The Busker Triple Cask Triple Smooth is an extraordinary Blend made with a high-quality Single Grain and a very high percentage of Single Malt and Single Pot Still. It is a beautifully yellow gold colored whiskey with an unmistakable rich...
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The Busker Single Grain x 70 cl
The secret to our Single Grain is in choosing the highest quality spirits and maturing them in our hand selected Bourbon casks from USA and rare Marsala cask from one of the oldest Sicilian wineries – Cantine Florio 1833. The...
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The Busker Single Malt x 70 cl
The Busker Single Malt is a delightful discovery, an intense journey into the realm of taste. The whiskey is distilled in large copper stills, then matured in two different woods to bring you a complexity that is waiting to be...
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Carpano Antica Formula 100 Cl 1786 ( Ibc )
Carpano Antica Formula stands out from all the other vermouths thanks to its unique bouquet and its unmistakable vanilla notes. With its unique taste and an increasingly international following, the Italian Vermouth par excellence is ideal for making refined, exclusive...
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Iwai Tradition Japanese Whisky 70cl
Mars Iwai Tradition is a blended whisky with dominant malt of the brand Mars Whisky. It consists of 75% malted barley and 25% corn. The aging of this NAS whiskey takes place in ex-Bourbon, Sherry and wine casks. Notes include:...
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Aberfeldy Highland Single Malt Whisky 21 YO 70cl
This Aberfeldy single malt aged of 21 years old abounding in heather honey, creamy macadamia nuts and chewy beeswax. Plush with dried fruits, toasted coconut, silky oak and a wee trace of smoke. 70cl - Vol : 40 %
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The Busker Single Pot x 70 cl
The Busker Pot Still is a distinctive expression of Ireland with an exceptional character. Made from barley the traditional way in copper stills, then matured and finished in ex bourbon and sherry casks, it opens with a rich and complex...
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Pyrat Rum Xo Reserve New Label 70Cl
The Pyrat XO Rum is a real caribbean rum aged of 15 years with a sublimely orangey, spicy flavour and nuanced finish. 70cl - Vol : 40 %
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Torres 20 Brandy
Torres 20 is a brandy on the rock, spicy drink with a sweet background of vanilla, cinnamon and oak; it is perfect for enjoying a relaxing drink, savouring success in each sip. 70cl - Vol : 40 %
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Royal Brackla Highland Single Malt Whisky 16 YO 70cl
Enticing and complex, this single malt whisky is rich spices, creamy vanilla, big, succulent soft fruits and cocoa powder, brightened with a zing of citrus. 70cl - Vol : 4 %
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Dewars True Scotch Whisky 18 YO 70cl
 Le célèbre mélange Dewar's vieilli pendant 18 ans puis marié dans une cuve pendant une période prolongée, d'où le nom de "Double Aged". 70cl - Vol : 40 %
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Grey Goose Original Vodka 70 Cl IBC
Grey Goose is the result of an absolute determination to create a French vodka unlike any other. Expressed in Grey goose bottle is the essence of the finest ingredients from France; soft winter wheat from in and around Picardy plus...
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Patron Tequila Silver 70Cl Ibc
The perfect white spirit made from the finest Weber Blue Agave. The silver Tequila from Patrón is is fresh, crisp and very well rounded, with a touch of oak in the palate. Each bottle is signed and numbered, as well...
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Iwai Japanese Whisky 75 Cl
This whisky is inspired by great whiskies of America. A majority of corn balanced with light malt aged in ex bourbon barrels. Ideal for daily sipping, in a mint julep or an old fashioned. The tasting notes of this japonese...
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Craigellachie Speyside Single Malt Whisky 17 YO 70cl
One of three malts in the Craigellachie lineup launched in 2014, this 17-year-old single malt Scotch whisky exemplifies the bold, robust character of the distillery's production.  Smooth and mellow, the aroma opens with vanilla and rich, silky notes of exotic...
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