Torres 5 Imperial Brandy
Torres 5 is a traditionally distilled Spanish brandy, rich in flavor and aroma. This great brandy blends three varieties: Macabeu, Parellada and Xarel-lo (the same ones used for Cava), and is aged using a solera made of American oak. 100cl...
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Torres 10 Imperial Brandy
Torres 10 has a dark topaz colour with hues of gold. Intense aroma with warm hints of cinnamon and vanilla. Complete and persistent finish with aromatic notes of oak. 70cl - Vol : 38 %
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JP Chenet Brandy Xo 70Cl In Box (36)
JP Chenet has created a brandy with complex, warm and subtly woody flavors with a very smooth palate. Rich and complex, with multiple tasting notes, this is a superb brandy to share with friends. 70cl - Vol : 36 %
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La Roche Brandy 70 Cl
This cognac, Cognac de Laroche VSOP, is made by Domaine Laroche from France. With dried fruits, vanilla, candied orange peel dark and dried red fruits. This brandy is  approachable with mellow fruit flavours. 70cl - Vol : 36 %
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Torres 20 Brandy
Torres 20 is a brandy on the rock, spicy drink with a sweet background of vanilla, cinnamon and oak; it is perfect for enjoying a relaxing drink, savouring success in each sip. 70cl - Vol : 40 %
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Otard Vs X 70Cl.
Baron Otard VSOP Cognac is a strong cognac with mild and floral notes. Pears, vanilla, lime leaves and oak wood create a wonderful and extremely individual character, which reaches its climax with spices and rough, earthy tobacco. 70cl - Vol...
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Torres 15 Imperial Brandy + Jigger Ibc
Torres 15 is modern and sophisticated, extremely refined. Mahogany color with amber tones and topaz reflections. Dominant aromas of caramel, vanilla, dates and roasted hazelnuts. Soft on the tongue, with a final touch of caramel and wood. Perfect for creating...
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Stravecchio Branca Brandy 70Cl
The Stravecchio Branca brandy offers a floral and slightly sweet nose, with flavors of dried fruit, apple and tea, as well as soft tannins and almond notes from the wood. Stravecchio Branca is ideal for drinking neat, over ice and...
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Torres Jaime 1 Brandy
Jaime 1 is made by carefully mixing very old brandies, older than those used in the reserve brandies. Fine dark mahogany colour. It is complex, majestic and balanced. With notes highly suggestive of vanilla, walnut, flowers, plum, cedar and sandalwood....
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