ERDINGER Weissbier 50cl x12 (Glass Bottle)
Traditionally matured in the bottle – like champagne. ERDINGER Weissbier with fine yeast is brewed according to a traditional recipe and in strict accordance with the Bavarian Purity Law. 50cl - Vol : 5,3 %
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ERDINGER Urweisse 50cl x12 (Glass Bottle)
A wheat beer for everyone who loves strong Bavarian yeast notes. Its pronounced top-fermented profile brings nuances of ripe banana and clove typical of wheat beer into play. The aster brewers use caramel malt for the Urweisse. With its roasted hints,...
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ERDINGER Dunkel 50cl x 12 (Glass Bottle)
This wheat beer is self-contained. Strong, dark and exceptionally harmonious. Malty, notes of fresh farmhouse bread; subtle nut taste, fine bitterness, balanced between light sweetness and pleasant freshness. 50cl - Vol : 5,3 %
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ERDINGER Pikantus 50cl x12 (Glass Bottle)
Multi-layered and intense - the Pikantus is a noble masterpiece of Bavarian brewing. In the mouth, the piquantus unfolds its malty round body with notes of plum, dark chocolate and liquorice. The sparkling carbonic acid provides a fresh counterpoint. Its velvety-soft character...
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ERDINGER Kristall 50cl x12 (Glass Bottle)
The ERDINGER crystal literally ensures undisturbed wheat beer enjoyment. A plus of natural fermentation carbonate tingles your mouth with a wonderfully stimulating effect. Clearly the liveliest of our wheat beer specialties! Balanced malt notes harmonize pleasantly with fruity notes. 50cl...
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