Sambuca Beltion 70cl
Beltion Sambuca is a sweet liqueur, made from star anise and several natural herbs. A great Italian classic, it can be served straight, over ice or adding one or two coffee beans, the so-called "mosca" that enhances the flavour of...
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Amaretto Beltion 70cl
A sweet and aromatic liqueur with characteristic notes of bitter almonds. With its classic and inimitable taste, it is often used in mixology and coffee. 70cl - Vol : 28 %
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Sambuca Oro 70cl
The historic Borghetti liquor factory was founded in Ancona, Italy in 1860. Transparent and crystalline, the nose is sweet while its taste is soft and delicate. 70cl - Vol : 38 %
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Grappa Beltion 70cl
Beltion Grappa is an intense, well-balanced, clean grappa. A great traditional Italian classic, with its fragrances and character that hold the unique value of a moment of pure pleasure. Excellent served straight, and superb when slightly chilled. 70cl - Vol...
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Biostilla Sambuca Bio Excellence 70cl
Sambuca Bio Excellence is a crystal-clear Italian Liqueur of organic star anise. Wonderful intense anise fragrance. 70cl - Vol : 40 %
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