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Traiteur de Paris Rive Droite Macarons (x72xpcs / 864g) 4723


Small round pastries made in the Breton workshops of Traiteur de Paris, the Macarons Rive Droite find their place as well in bakeries as in catering. Indeed, the international reputation of this product and its format allow it to be multi-purpose: gourmet coffee, catering buffet or takeaway.

  • Caramel macaron, filled with a caramel ganache with butter and Guérande salt.
  • Pistachio Macaron, filled with a pistachio paste filling.
  • Vanilla Macaron, filled with a subtle natural Bourbon vanilla filling.
  • Chocolate Macaron, filled with a dark chocolate ganache with 58% UTZ certified cocoa.
  • Raspberry Macaron, filled with a tangy raspberry jam.
  • Lemon Macaron, filled with a semi-sweet lemon zest and lemon juice filling.