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Marzadro Affina Riserva Ciliego in wood 100cl


A limited edition Grappa with a well-rounded and delicate smell and taste. Its flavour is bursting with personality, with a full-bodied fragrance and a fine and elegant bouquet. Complex but distinctively soft structure. Made with marc from red grapes such Lagrein and Pinot Noir, which are gently pressed and then distilled with a Bagnomaria in a classic pot still. The resulting Grappa is left to rest for 10 years in small cherry barrels to achieve a unique and unmistakable blend of aromas. The wood used to make the barrels (Prunus Cerasus) is aged for at least 26 months, while the curvature of the staves is achieved using the steam bending technique combined with a light toasting.

Bouquet: broad, elegant

Structure: soft, complex

Alcohol (% Vol.): 43
Ageing process: 10 years