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Tunella Picolit 50cl



Vivid golden yellow developing into an almost amber colour after a few years of aging. Its luminance and clarity radiate preciousness. A generous and delicate bouquet of exceptional elegance, evoking honeycomb dripping with wildflower honey, ripe fruit, peach and apricot jam, and figs. The palate is sweet but not sugary, aristocratic, warm, velvety and refined. A striking ample bouquet and taste with a lingering persistence makes this wine gentle, delicate and distinctly feminine, bearing an elegant beauty to be discovered with no rush.


  • Country : Italy
  • Region: Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Appellation : N/A
  • Grape variety : Picolit
  • ABV : 13.5%
  • Closure : Natural Cork