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Amaro Jefferson 70cl


Tasting Note:

On the palate, citrus and herbaceous notes follow from its nose. Elegant and delicate finish.


Jefferson was created in Calabria, in a land that offers fruits and herbs unique in the world. Vecchio Magazzino Doganale selects and harvests by hand most of the botanicals used, including the best Lemons of Rocca Imperiale, the sweet and bitter oranges of Bisignano from the family garden, the bergamots of Pellaro, the oregano of Palombara and the rosemary of Bisignano. Everything is processed separately, in a dilute alcohol infusion respecting the ingredients and the seasons. For this reason, to create Jefferson takes more than 11 months, without ever resorting to artificial flavours or colouring, a linen cloth is how we filter it. Jefferson was the captain of a ship wrecked in Calabria in 1871, who found shelter with Giocondo at the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale. He made what he called Amaro Importante, which was adapted and transformed to make it excellent even in our own times. Ideal served cool or with ice, surprising as a bitter in mixing or to support vermouth. Recognised in 2018 as the best liqueur in the world at the World Liqueur Awards